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PPS offers a wide-range of Sinks, Faucets, Bathtubs and Home Fixtures and accessories that are updated continuously, so ask your PPS rep for details.

Exclusive Product Offerings

We stock and carry Wolverine Brass Faucets and Trim ware because of its Value, Durability and Beauty. These are available in many styles and decorator finishes.

High Effeciency Water Heaters with more Extensive Warrantees available as well as tankless N.A.E.C.A. Compliant!

Food Waste Disposals available in different Horse Power Models. Quiet and Powerful!

No Salt Whole House Water Conditioning System better than Bottled Water Quality at Every Tap! without adding salt or chemicals.

Exclusive 3-step process:

  • Mixed media of KDF, Coconut shell activated Carbon & Quartz

What does this do?

  • Removes chlorine
  • Removes heavy metals..lead, mercury, etc.
  • Acts as bacteriostat which prevents biological contamination
  • "Coconut shell" granular activated carbon - not carbon block is the best media available for removal of chlorine and VOC's Quartz acts to remove sediment and maintain proper water flow

There is nothing else like it...

  • Softer hair, smoother skin, brighter laundry
  • Adds no salt or chemicals
  • Doesn't use magnets
  • More flavor in foods and coffee , no slippery feeling
  • Retains healthy minerals your body needs
  • Doesn't lower pH level - and won't make water acidic
  • No filter cartridges to replace
  • Septic tank friendly
  • No brine discharge which is bad for environment, can be used for irrigation or watering.
  • Ten year no hassle warranty

The MPULSE 3000 Descaler coverts the calcium and Magnesium into a form your body can absorb - but helps eliminate scale build-up in your pipes, plumbing fixtures and appliances.

  • All the benefits of soft water without the salt!
  • Increases water heater efficiency, reducing energy costs
  • Improves water flow and pressure by eliminating scale build-up pipes
  • Adds life to dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters
  • Provides healthy great tasting, alkaline water at every faucet and shower head in your home

Either of these Systems can be installed individually for their benefits or COMBINED for better than BOTTLED WATER QUALITY at every tap in the house!!

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